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    Which countertop should I choose?

    If you’re embarking on a kitchen or bath remodel, one of your most important decisions is the countertop. Which materials are available and what [...]
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    Home Improvement Trends for 2017

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    Creative ways to use glass tile in your bath

    Glass tile provides amazing color and pattern, and is a gorgeous accent in your shower or at your vanity area. Borders, stripes, entire walls— [...]
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    Back-to-Back Baths

    This family has four adorable young children, and wanted to reconfigure their out-dated baths to increase space and add functionality. These two [...]
  • What’s Your Kitchen Style?

    When it comes to interior design, many people find it easier to tell you what they don’t like rather than what they do like. Can you describe [...]
  • Designing a Bath for My Younger Brother

    What happens when a younger brother asks his older sister for interior design help? My brother and I get along well now that we are adults, but [...]