This summer I am embarking on a re-decorating project of my own. Since my daughter has moved to a small apartment closer to school, her room here is ready and waiting for some changes. Several years ago, I wrote an article about decorating her room when she went from a little girl to a pre-teen. Wow, how time has flown! Since her pre-teen years, she made many decorating decisions for herself, creating a room that was all her. Gradually the dolls and American Girl books were phased out, in exchange for hundreds of photos of friends, sentimental mementos, and hand-made artistic touches. She even asked me for decorating advice a time or two, which made my day. Don’t all moms feel great when their teenage children ask their advice? It has been enjoyable to experience the transformation of my little girl into the strong, independent young woman she is today.

When she left the house, she took her bed with her, along with many of her favorite items, leaving the room sparse and plain. My plan is to make the room nice for her when she comes home to visit us. I will incorporate many of the personal items she left behind—since she is not exactly completely on her own yet, I certainly don’t want her to feel like I am eliminating her from the house. My re-decorating plans call for a new paint colors, a refinished wood floor, and a new bed with new linens, along with a new arrangement of existing decorative items and artwork.

Her walls will be painted the palest shade of blue; my design intent is to make the room feel fresh and light, like a day at the beach. The harmonious color scheme of blue and green, reminiscent of sand and sea, will be soothing and restful. Blue and green are my daughter’s favorite colors, so I know I have her blessing. Her ceiling will be painted a slightly darker blue, and the crown molding, baseboards and door will be refreshed with a coat of bright white. Her worn carpeting will be removed, exposing the hardwood floor underneath. The floor will then be refinished in a clear coat, which will match the other wood floors in our house. This will add to that fresh and light feeling I am going for.

I purchased bed linens in white, pale blue and pale green; I love to mix and match bed linens, using different colors for the fitted sheet, top sheet and pillow cases. And, in my opinion, no bed is complete without a variety of throw pillows, even if they do end up on the floor at night. (Just ask my husband—we have 8 pillows on our bed!) The new quilt has very subtle, wavy stripes of light blue, white and green. Finishing touches will include many of my daughter’s photos and colorful art pieces. As a designer, I am good at visualizing, and can already see the room completed. I am confident this room will become a respite for my daughter when she comes home to be with us. I enjoy seeing her so much; I hope she makes coming home a habit.