I’m betting that you can tell a lot about the owners of these three bathrooms. Each is beautiful, but in very different ways. The best part of my job is that I get to design in a variety of styles, using products in new and exciting ways. It’s great to see how the same materials— tile, stone, quartz and wood can come together in such unique ways.

Bath #1 Colorful and charming

Bathroom 1I absolutely love the handmade ceramic tiles we chose for this bath. We purposely installed the 4”x4” squares at random, using shades of blue, aqua and purple. The small diamonds you see are made up of 1” x 1” iridescent purple glass mosaic tiles. The walls are a soft lavender and, the cabinetry is white. The quartz counter in neutral cream balances the bold colors in the shower. The cool color palette exudes a feeling of calm, even with the busy tile pattern. The overall result feels fun, youthful and friendly, which was indeed my design intent.

Bath #2 Luxurious and elegant

Bathroom 2With rich wood tones, gorgeous granite slab and mosaic comprised of marble and glass, this bath feels very elegant. We mixed metallics and materials for this project— there is a combination of silver and gold tones in the cabinet hardware, plumbing fixtures, mirror frames and light fixtures, pulled together with handmade wallpaper in subtle, yet shimmery gold and silver. The colors and patterns in the granite counter also help pull everything together. The homeowner requested a luxurious spa-like bathroom and I do believe she got it.

Bathroom #3 Tasteful and Relaxing

Bathroom 3Like Bath #2, this bath features a neutral color palette, but executed in a very different way. It is also very elegant and classic, with Emperadora Dark chocolate brown marble accents, and creamy-colored porcelain field tiles. The decorative border is marble and glass, cut by water-jet machinery into a lovely fleur de lis motif. The creamy walls and tile make this large bath feel even more spacious, and the stained cherry cabinets add contrast and warmth. The bronze fixtures bring out the brown in the marble accents. We are still looking for just the right art piece for the wall above the soaking tub— an Italian landscape would fit in beautifully here, don’t you think?